DAEMON Tools Pro v4.10.218.0 - Advanced

Daemon Tools - маленький по размеру, но мощный по возможностям эмулятор CD/DVD-драйвов - позволяет "подцепить" любой образ диска, сделанный какой-нибудь утилитой для копирования дисков (например, CloneCD), т.е. может работать с какими угодно "дисками" - даже с PlayStation. Точно также в этот эмулятор можно "вставить" скопированные на винчестер аудио-CD или DVD-диски. Кстати, для правильной работы копий с "хитрой" защитой, используемой в CD с играми, программа имеет специальные режимы SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom и Laserlock...
Программа работает во всех Windows и допускает одновременную эмуляцию до четырех CD/DVD-дисководов.

- Daemon-Tools needs a 1:1 Copy to run!
- Daemon-Tools is used to RUN GAMES, NOT TO BURN THEM! Means emulation must be active while you want to play a game, not while burning the copy (except for you want to use DAEMON Tools' "fastdump" feature on a safedisc protected CD).
- If you want to run a copy protected application from an image mounted to a STEALTH DVDROM enabling the copy protection emulation(s) is NOT necessary!
- STEALTH DVDROM is able to run nearly every protected or unprotected CD image (Safedisc, Securom, Laserlock, Lockblocks etc.) like it was the original CD! Just do an image file using one of the supported burning programs and mount it with Daemon Manager!

Daemon-Tools supports the following image files:
- cue/bin
- iso
- ccd (CloneCD)
- bwt (Blindwrite)
- mds (Media Descriptor File)
- cdi (Disjuggler)
- nrg (Nero - must have ImageDrive installed).
- pdi (Instant CD/DVD)
- b5t (BlindWrite 5)

To sum it up:
- NO IDE-Jammer atm - we are working on it! No ETA for it - it's done when it's done!
- ADWARE INCLUDED - you can, however, UNCHECK that ADWARE at installation!

DAEMON Tools Pro v4.10.218.0 - Advanced

What are the differences between (DAEMON Tools Pro - Advanced) with other
versions of DAEMON Tools Lite, DAEMON Tools Pro Basic and Pro Standard?

1. Maximum number of supported SCSI virtual devices - 32 devices
2. IDE adapter emulation
3. Maximum number of supported IDE virtual devices - 2 devices
4. CD/DVD Image converter

DAEMON Tools Pro v4.10.218.0 (7.4 mb)

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